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Welcome to Norwottuck Fish and Game, ONLINE!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Norwottuck Fish and Game comes from a long line of families that have always done well by the community. Now, we're tending to our online community as well. We have a new user friendly Website, Instagram and Youtube!

Our new website shows the magic we on Sundays refer to as 'Our Lady of Norwottuck'. We'd like to keep our members, and future members, in the know. We have a designated events page to find a variety of different trap and skeet championships.

Current members can now subscribe and make an account. Contribute to forums, get updates, and tune into the latest and greatest the club has to offer.

New members can find their way to the membership page to scoop out which membership fits their shooting style. You can sign up a membership on Sunday mornings Between 9am and 1pm. During that time Skeet and Trap Shooting will be going on. This is open to members and non-members so give the range a try before you buy!

Need an up date on the rules? Find them posted on the pavilion and on our website!

We will also be hosting an instagram page. Keep updated with events, send in photos to be featured on your Members highlight, and catch tips and tricks from the members.

There's a lot of wisdom among our members lets see if we can share some with our online community!

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