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Located on the beautiful Pioneer Valley's Premire Norwottuck Mountain!


Our range offers a varity of shooting styles from trap and skeet to Rifle and Pistol. 


History of Norwottuck Fish and Game

"Our Lady of Norwottuck"

One of many fish and game clubs in the area but no one can say they have a timeline like we do. Starting back in the 1800's leading up to its current ownership. Boasting a well maintained Trap and Skeet range with Pistol and Rifel range to match. Sitting on top of the world with views of Norwottuck Mountain and the rest of the seven sistering mountains.


Come on down any given sunday morning to talk about the long family heritage of Norwottuck Fish and Game!


Modern Era

The Establishment of Norwottuck Fish and Game Inc.

Modern Era


1960 - Committee founded to oversee operation of Notch Facility. Herb Cook assumed management of Trap and Skeet fields, regular shooting T & S was established  for Sunday AM - Tuesday PM charge was 25cents/rd.


1963 Herb purchased Winchester Trap for Skeet Field $1400 paid himself back from shouting revenue charge went to 34 cents.


1966-1967 New Winchester auto Trap purchased for Trap field.

Original Notch Commitee - Herb Cook, Steve Thornton, Frank Thornton, Richard McKemmie, Jack Caniasham, Jack Harvey, Dave Knightly, Charlie Drake, John Britt, Al Drake


1972-1973 - Steve Thornton- Pres, Apartment was added.

1974 - Complete rebuild of Clubhouse water and electric added

1975-1976 - Pavilion, rebuild of Trap & Skeet fields


These projects involved the efforts of many members


Proudly, all were accomplished without any cost for labor. Done with $20,000 construction loans.

20 year mortgage was paid in 11 years. 


1980-1991 - Fund raising pig roasts were held, fed 150-175 people. Also many interclub shoots   were held. 

Opponents faced over the years for Interclub leagues:


Ford Devens Rod + Gun, Fairview R + G, Southboro R+G.


An interclub league consisted of Norwottuck F+G, Easthampton, Westfield Sportsman, Pioneer Sportsman for over 20 years.


Sporadically, Ludlow F+G, Franklin Co. League. 


In over 50 years, Norwottuck only lost one match.


2002 - Cell tower was negotiated, which allowed the club to make the physical operation less labor intensive, and also to add many improvements to the shooting facilities & equipment. We now have Skeet, Trap, 5-stand, Rifle & Pistol. The club has also participated in the state pheasant raising + stocking program since the early 1950’s. Most importantly, we have been a major supporter of the Massachusetts Conservation Camp for approximately 50 years.


We'd love to hear from you


1352 West St, Amherst, MA 01002

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